Magnolia is a state of mind...

Magnolia is the name of a street in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado…and much more. Before I registered the official Colorado business name "Magnolia Music Studio”for a new music studio on the corner of Magnolia and Mason Streets in Fort Collin in 2008, I needed to know the meaning of magnolia. What I found was astounding, especially discovering that magnolia implies “dignity and perseverance” (something any small business owner needs), and the association of magnolia flowers and roots with breath, opening the airways, vitality, healing, relaxation, and Qi. As a singer, I am well-acquainted with the importance of breath as a power source and music as a means to wellness. I also learned that magnolia trees are extremely hearty and adaptable plants and that magnolia varieties are found in nearly every state, not just the South. Magnolia has such positive symbolism that it made sense to keep the name for the new sister studio in Richland (Tri-Cities) Washington near the Columbia River. May Magnolia Music Studio- RiverWalk be a place of dignity, vitality, and healing. I promise to post a photo of a local Washington magnolia tree as soon as I find one!

—Cynthia Vaughn, August 2014


The Meaning of Magnolia (

The flower commonly known as the magnolia is an ancient flower that is native to Asia and the Americas. Magnolia flowers are very popular in the Southern states (Mississippi and Louisiana state flowers), and are found across the country including Colorado and Washington. The meaning of flowers, as handed down through floriography, herbology, traditions, literature, and myth varies according to location, culture, and history.

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In Western cultures and the Victorian language of flowers, the magnolia symbolizes dignity (or nobility) and perseverance. In Chinese herbalism, magnolia bark (hou po) injections are said to cause muscle relaxation and are used for symptoms of disorders thought to move upward in the body. The magnolia flower, xin yi hua, is associated with the lungs. Its main function is to open the airways. In Japan, the magnolia is associated with healing and used as an ornamental plant. In traditional Asian medicine, the bark of the magnolia tree is believed to invigorate a person's chi (Qi), the energy of life that breathes throughout. In the Japanese system of flower meanings, Hanakotoba, the magnolia flower symbolizes the sublime and a love of nature.


Photo taken April, 2011 on Magnolia Street, Fort Collins CO

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